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Liveaboard Diving Indonesia - Bali, Lombok, North Sulawesi
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Liveaboard Diving Indonesia offers a range of remote and exciting locations in the Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelagic state, Its islands span across over 5000 kilometers of the equator from Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea. Its vast coastline and huge number of islands offer incredible diving opportunities. Indeed there are numerous places that have not yet been dived.

The Komodo Marine Park and the Banda Sea and sometimes as far as the western half of Irian Jaya (West Papua) are just some of the places visited by liveaboard operators. Liveaboard cruises offer something for all scuba divers - experienced or novice.

The Komodo National Marine Park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1991, and it is one of the largest protected marine parks in the world covering over 130,000 hectares. Komodo, Rinca and Padar, are all popular destinations for diving. Irian Jaya (West Papua) is a very popular destination for Liveaboard Diving as it offers a wealth of little explored areas and diverse marine life with many new sites awaiting the adventurous diver.

There are many other destinations also visited by the operators - all depending on season, tides and weather conditions & Indonesia has a number of reputable liveaboard diving operators who can offer a whole range of cruises. Some offer tailor made trips if you have a big enough group.

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